alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

Dance dance

I had the opportunity to observe modern club dance floor. Masses of people standing around staring at the phone in their hands. Undoubtedly texting "I'm clubbing! My life is awesome! Emoji emoji"
Made me laugh
Now me, I danced. Which amused people. But I shrugged cuz if I waited until I was -good- at it - I'd never get to dance! And why miss out on something so fun?
People ride bikes without being Lance Armstrong, right?

Actually I do know a guy who has dance moves that look like a vulture coming in for a landing, but frankly his real problem is that he does this AT women. Now it is creepy. Sorry, guy. Do not attempt landing, k?

I have been sucked into the images of Carnival costumes out there. OMG the crazy, wild, structural creativity of people is gobsmacking!
Feathers! Wings! Sparkle! Color! Height!
And it is a shame to see people with ginormous wings who then couldnt afford the extra fabric for /clothing/ and have to wear a couple sequins over their bits. ;)

But honestly, the outfits are amazing. Plenty of people wear clothing /and/ ginormous, glorious explosions of color.

They know how to parade. Yes, siree.

In other news, my actor is going to be in the new recording of "The Hunting Of The Snark." I'm almost tempted to bop over and stalk...ERR I mean seeeee him. :D

Music: Safety dance. On my internal ipod.

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