alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

It is the golden hour. That time well before sunset when the sun paints everything with soft amber light.
Dont stare at the sun, silly girl.
The other day I was driving across a bridge and that light caught my attention. When I turned to look there were layers of dark storm clouds hanging low, the rays of the sun breaking out between in gold streaks. The smaller black clouds wore halos of brilliant fire tracing all around their edges. The sky was dark stone grey down to a thin band along the horizon that was all lit with shimmering pale gold. Pretty damn awesome visuals, i must say. Wish a camera could capture such things.

I did not end up seeing the concert. It became this whole thing. I'm disappointed today. But, I dunno, maybe it is best to remember them as they were.

Today's golden hour has a pale robin's egg blue sky, a few lines of smoke-grey clouds lit from behind with their straw & amber halos and a pale buttery yellow sun. Not bad.

I got my blood test results back. Finally. :/ I appear to be reasonably healthy. I mean, some results are bumping the ends of acceptable range. But the Doc says I'm pre-diabetic. Which...Okay, but I wasnt fasting? Isnt one supposed to be fasting when that test is done? It was 3pm. O.o
I know I should lose weight regardless. Whole other thing,

I digress...

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