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Now I'm not sure

It's not that I had a bad day at work. I had a pretty good day. It's just that all this Union talk has been making me want to just sit and have my dinner in PEACE.
And I feel like if I haven't talked to the Union people and I haven't asked questions myself - how can I talk to others for or against it?

I think I need to find more people who are against the Union so I can hear their reasons and get that other viewpoint. Most of them are coming from having been in a union before and having had a bad experience. My old union was completely worthless. All the problems we brought to their attention were answered with "Well...the company is having some problems so we can't ask them for anything." We still had to pay them dues. The union rep had a /very/ nice car and appeared once or twice a year to distribute pens with his name on them. Vote for me!

I don't know.

The Tribe sucks. Management sucks. Unions are not too swift. What the hell to do...

If we get a union then we won't have the Polish students any more.

Geezy Creezy - why the HELL isn't management doing /something/ other than plastering the walls with CRAP? WTH? I swear someone is getting a MASSIVE kick back for delivering the casino contract to this union. Who is getting paid for this? I WANNA KNOW
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