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Elvis tribute concert. Didnt see it.

Nascar's giant 18 car wreck. Did see. Fireworks of sparks and it looked like every car in the race was involved. 18 cars is a lot at those speeds. Other reports say 21 cars. You should see.

Babyhands, "I didnt need to do this." NUff said. Dont need to see more, Ta. Banging on and on.

In 50 news headlines 18 were /not/ political. 5 of those were ads. WTH!?

Miracle Workers. Did see. Daniel Radcliff. Okay, I still have a bit of a cougar-crush on him. See, I can call it cougar now because he's not jailbait. Now.
The show looks...well not really gripping or outstandingly funny , but i'd try another couple episodes.

Things discussed over the weekend:
1. Others prefer Pride & Prejudice or Wuthering Heights. I'm a Jane Eyre fan. Heathcliff's a bully. The difference between Mr Darcy and Mr Rochester is that Rochester has a sense of humor. Tag me in for that.
1a. Timothy Dalton has been in a LOT of stuff. Flash Gordon, 007, Jane Eyre, and some real duds.
2. Dont ask how we got there but imagine Speed Dating with Doctor Who. 5 minutes with each. Much funny occurred.
3. Strange English expressions. We no longer use "navel gazing". Mostly I hear "snowflake" or "special snowflake". I had to look that up. "Someone who thinks they (or their child) is special and deserves special treatment. (When they do not.)" Observation- most people who call others snowflakes...are snowflakes in their own right. Imho.
4. Computers are just weird. They just are. They work fine & then inexplicably crash. They crash & thrn inexplicably work. They're computers!
4a. Do you remember who the patron Saint of Computers is?
4b. Archie McFee still sells the best rubber chickens and punching nun puppets.
5. OMG people make real BabaYaga huts on chicken legs!

Weekend discovery: I am so far behind on LJ programming that I cant work most of it. O.o. But i did tinker.

Weather: snow. Not much. Not surprised.
Tags: books, links, tv, weather

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