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Scheduling stress into my day



I go flying into work, manage to make it with a minute to spare *swipe* and trot over to get my assignment. I'm not on the list. What? No, I'm told I'm supposed to be in a different building. News to me. I go trotting over there and am told my start time was an hour ago. WHAT? I go to my assignment, rending garments and pulling my hair because I've misread my schedual /again/ mistaking a 01 for a 10 and today of all days WHY change my start time?! How did I miss this?! Where is my brain?! Why cant I keep track of simple tasks that everyone else manages?!
I check my schedule. Yep, early time start today with a big X indicating something irregular happened. Like being an hour late. CRAP!

End of the day we all get replaced by the next shift. I mingle around with the incoming group to see if they /might/ need me for the extra hour? But there are a dozen extra people so I give up and swipe out. I go, check my schedule /again/ and it have two different 8hr shifts listed. Two. An hour early & regular 8 hrs. Wth?
I return to where the boss is and ask if I'm still needed? "Do you want to go home?"
(I've already clocked out. Wth?) "I'm an early start."
"Your in an early start spot. You're a regular start.
Do you want to go home? Yes or no? "
(WTH? No one told me...Wait, dont tell her you already clocked out!) "Yes!"


Two disasters diverted and two stress tests failed.

In related news I am breaking in my new tea thermos with a packet of Tension Tamer tea. Which is a slightly weird combination of peppermint, lemon, and ginger. Plus some herb I've never HERB about. (See what I did there?) Maybe I shall like tea.
Tags: work whines

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