alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

Maybe you like?

Mmmmmm kay...

ASMR. What the **** is that? Apparently it is sounds(?) often quiet or rhythmic, that give a responsive person tingles and a feeling of calm. Like a whispering voice, gentle tapping or scratching, eating, etc.
(I suppose wind chimes might be in there?)

I just learned about this. It is ALL over youtube like a youtube-y thing. So far I do not respond to any of it as described. But rumor has it that If you find whatever triggers the good response in your head - it can be very good for insomnia, anxiety and just feeling better.

YMMV. I spread the knowledge as I find it.

I think the closest I might get is listening to a cat purr. Like a meditating cat that is purring. Cat on catnip purr is a little too much for me. :)

Oh wait! Bob Ross counts? Ok, that might work on me.
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