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Work whines

Me, "hey big boss, just wanted to make you aware that the training we just got? A lot of workers have come out confused. Some say the procedure is (X) and some are saying (Y)."
Boss, "What do you think it is?"
Me, "Y."
Boss, "There you go."
Me, "Ok, but other workers are saying X."
Boss, "Its not X! How can they say X?! It's (X and then Y)."
Me, "Wait, X and Y?"
Boss, "No! X!"
Me, "X?"
Boss, "NO! It is (Q R X)!"
Me, "Now I'm confused. I thought it was...Y"
Boss, "YES! Y! It's not hard!"
Me, "Ok. Y. Got it. Y. But i'm letting you know some workers are confused."
Boss, "Let them get fired if they do X!"
Me, "... Ok, thank you."


X and Y are very different and people WILL get fired if they get this wrong. I am trying to nip this in the bud BEFORE it is a problem, people.

The worst part is that this new procedure is /exactly/ like a procedure we do in a different area. Exactly like it. But in the other area we call it something else. In the new area the people in charge flip out, "Dont call it that!"

Confusion. Stupid pointless confusion. I'm trying to save a ton of headaches but gosh some people just want the headache.

Normal for my work.
Tags: work whines

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