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Well, I'm sitting here in the heat, munching on Harry & David pear chips. These are thin sliced pear deep fried and salted. Like a potato chip. Weird, I know. But they aren't bad once you get past the "salt. grease. wth FRUIT?". The /problem/ is that these geniuses (geni?) threw the entire pear into the slicer. Including the seeds and stem. So I'm munching along on my first one and nearly break a tooth on the ROCK that is a slice of pear seed.

Anyway, it is hot. Whew! It's like Africa hot! My computer is acting up like whoa. Miss J - I need your address! I totally missed paying for my half of lunch! Duh! And I have seashells for you. :) Email it. C'est vous plait

The job distributed lovely anti-U material today. :) I'll tell you more later.

And I still like David Gimore's voice. He doesn't take the anticipated path and I'm enjoying that.

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