alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

Shutdown the baby

This week my grocery bill was $10 higher. I bought food & took it to the local food bank. Because this shutdown is serious.
Of course that is $10 out of MY pocket.
Because I am a good person.
I still have to pay my taxes. My tax money will go to pay /some/ of the same people.
I do not get any tax relief, can not claim charitable donations as deductions. Because that CHANGED in the tax bill the government passed last year. The tax bill babyhands bragged was so good for everyone?


So I'm paying these government workers TWICE.
ME. My paycheck. Twice.

And IF this shutdown gives babyhands what be wants he's just going to do it again. And again. These workers are going to have their paychecks yanked over and over. Would you stay in a job like that? No.


This guy. Soooo concerned about 50,000 coal miners. "Gotta keep them working!" (In a failing industry that gives them black lung.)
800,000 fed workers? Screw em!


Ommmmm. Ommmmm damnit.
Tags: politics

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