alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

Toxic masculinity

For anyone wondering what that is...first check Gillettes ad.
Or the footage of the high school boys mocking and hostilely physically confronting an elder Native American man. He was in DC in a gathering to celebrate and support Native Americans. He was beating his drum and singing. They surrounded and yelled at him, mocked him, used racially offence words and gestures, and were pretty much DICKS in every way possible. While laughing. Some even filmed it.

So...pretty much all of this is toxic, parents and adults allowing/encouraging such behavior is toxic, and the yahoos on the internet showing approval of such behavior is TOXIC and enforcing of TOXIC. Is bad.

The ADULT MALE who was confronted and mocked who did not react with hostility or respond later in interviews with hostility - HE'S BETTER.

K? K.

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