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Time after time

Remember I posted about a month ago about Time just doing weird things?
I got yelled at for being late from break last week. Next break I checked my watch against the time clock and it was 4 minutes behind. For some reason I stood there looking between the clock and my watch. In less than 2 minutes by the time clock, my watch caught up.

This morning people grumbled again about my being late.
I just checked my watch and it is 100% in synch with my phone. 2 hours ago my watch was a little slow to the time clock. My phone was slightly out of synch with the time clock when I came in. It is in synch now.
There are time clocks all over the property that /should/ all be in synch. They are not. I have other people confirm this. I'm the only one who finds this weird.

It is. Damn weird.


In other news, that Chinese comedy movie I terribly wanted to see last year (The Mermaid) - is now available with english subtitles /in our format/. Finally! *dance*
Now I just have to figure out how to order it without a computer...
Tags: mood, movies

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