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To give you an idea...

Our employee handbook, which we have to sign for each year to prove that we did indeed get it, is called The Hospitality Handbook. Let's open it up, shall we?
Table of Contents lists chapters on General Information, Benefits, About Your Job, and Team Member Responsibilities. Yay!
But wait. We missed the inside of the front cover.

Their information in this Handbook is intended to acquaint Team Members with general policies, procedures, and practices. Nothing stated herein represents a contractual commitment by [The Company] d/b/a [The Casino] or [The Tribe] concerning terms of employment or any other matters. [The Casino] considers itself free to act according to the best business judgment of management staff and to change the policies, procedures, and practices described at any time with or without notice.

And they do. But here's my favorite part. Under the table of contents is another little box. Inside it says...

"An explanation of the purpose of this Handbook can be found at the back of this book. Please review this information carefully."

Let us flip to the back of the book. The back cover has a picture of a sculpture. The inside of the back cover has a picture of a different sculpture. The back of the last page says "Notes" floating above a blank page. So does the front of the last page. The last two pages before that discuss that we can not gamble at work and that workplace violence is bad. THAT'S IT.
Get it? This book has no purpose. Except maybe a scrap paper for jotting down your grocery list. Hee!
Oh those wacky bosses...
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