alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

Youtube plunder

*blink blink*
How long was I under?

Youtube sucked me in!

THE HU. Mongolian throat singing rock. Just...yes. I am completely about this now. Yes.
Yuve Yuve Yu and Wolf Dance.

I think this is a different Mongolian throat singer rock group (!) and on a vocal talent show. 2nd best.

Omnia, suck my flute. Such an insecure guy title but if you like celtic music it's pretty good. Fast guy. ;)

Green Clouds. Celtic trance music. O.o

The Magic Flute, Queen of the Night. (She's supposed to be evil? Shows how much I pay attention.) Diane Damrau.

I dont even know whether this anime is chinese or japanese but i kinda want to see the whole movie now

And for you history buffs
The history of the World, According to Cats

Posted in an order that makes WAY more sense than the route taken to find these videos. Once I was on my third michael flatley vid, i had to quit...

Tags: links, lyrics, movies

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