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Quick Union Update

Work work work. Eesh.

Well there's a pretty strong push among my peers to at least find out about this Union thing. The bosses are creating memos and posters 'educating' us to stay the hell away from the U word. I dunno. It's all crazy.

Tonight there was the first of 3 informal sit down chats between management and employees. I have to say, I'm disappointed in how few employees even bothered to nod at the management there, much less ask any questions. Maybe I shouldn't have sat in front of the desk. Maybe I made people think they might be interrupting. I don't know. I prattled on about things /other/ than work for quite a while. Like talking grammar with the former English teacher. But I think I pose at least one non-threatening, but on topic question. I mean, I don't want to be TOO smart at the upper management, ya know? Makes em nervous.
Anyway, I've plans to attend another meeting and I'll be more prepared.

There's a lot more detail to go into but it is late. Night Moon.
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