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Things I can share

I'd completely forgotten that the little pot sitting next to mother's fireplace is not for putting ashes into. It is a fire starter pot. It looks like a cauldron/honey pot. The wand has a hunk of soapstone on the end. You're supposed to put some oil in the pot, leave the wand to soak & when you need to start a fire light the stone. It burns 5-10 minutes, long enough to catch large logs without the need for kindling. Which is supposed to be useful when your woodpile disappears under snow.

Here's a modern one.

I remember this pot was a fixture by my grandparents fireplace but i dont remember them ever using it.

What did you learn at your festivities?

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    I was making up an excuse to post this? No excuse! I like the background. Very not WB

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    I've been putting off going back to the dentist because 1 DENTIST 2 covid Now my teeth hurt. Danmit.

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    Made it thru the work day without hitting anyone! Not convinced this is a good thing. Like, I need one of those dry erase boards This Worker Has…

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