alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

Holiday question 23

What kind of cookies does Santa like?

Do you feed the reindeer?

If there is a Mrs.Claus, why doesnt she get anything?

Nothing for the elves. They freakin live inside our houses now for the month of December so their room & board is taken care of. Little spies! ;)

Do you like poinsettas?

Music: you know how Rudolf's story is getting a lot of flack this year over bullying? Jack Johnson added a verse and I kinda like it.

You'll go down in history!....

"Well Rudolph he didn't go for that
He said "I see through your silly games"
How could you look me in the face
When only yesterday you called me names?
Well all of the other reindeer, man,
Well they sure did feel ashamed,
"Rudolph you know we're sorry,
We're truly gonna try to change" "
Tags: lyrics, xmas

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