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I dun bought CDs

Rod Stewart - The Great American Songbook
Pink Floyd - A Momentary Lapse of Reason
Pink Floyd - The Division Bell

Die Hard Trilogy (it was on SALE. Not my fault.)
Big Trouble in Little China (okay, my fault.)

I have just finished peeling the sticky white label the stores put on to keep the plastic casing closed. I have reattached this to the spine of the CD case so the nice clear black on white print of the title can be seen by ME. I may be the only one who does this, but I do not have time to stand there squinting at the spines of my CDs trying to read bad fonts. Uh uh.

Although, I used to be a 'picker' in a CD warehouse and was pretty damn fast (if I do say so) at recognizing the CDs by their colors and fonts. But that's for another day.

I am listening to my new old Pink Floyd. I'm feeling mellow as jello, baby. Goddess, I haven't listened to this stuff in YEARS. It's nice. And it /hurts/. And it's still nice. Memories are like that.
David Gilmore does good work. I kinda wish I had a CD player in my bedroom so I could sleep to this again. I should pick up Roxy Music, Avalon too...
I was going to pick up the Ozzy CD too, but I don't really like the No More Tears album. Feh. Nor the Journey hits recorded live. Not fond of live. (What? They're dead??)
It may seem a little diverse, but they are all 80s musicians, ya?

No, I could not pass up the Big Trouble in Little China movie. Sue me. I almost picked up the first season of Forever Knight. Remember that show? Vampire. Detective. Canada. "He wants to be mortal again..." Flashbacks to what the police case he is working on reminds him of in his own past 800 years of life. Excellent writing in the first season. You might pick up the second season if you like the show, but I suggest we all collectively forget the last season ever happened. Blah.

Damn. Pink Floyd. What a sound.

These are not the Traveling Wilburys. When is the last time he had an album out?

What a sound...
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