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You've taken tests to see if you are color blind. Here's one from the other side of the coin. You only pass if you ARE color-blind.

Can you see the images in those Magic-Eye puzzles? I can't.

We had:
swings (for rocket kicks and space flights)
chin-up bars (for penny drops)
jungle gym (king of the world, Ma!)
ladder rungs (what are those called?)
tree house w/slide (real tree. very cool)
basket ball court
racket ball court (strange as we had no game balls)
jump ropes (if we asked nicely. No double dutch)
very short balance beams
4 square (omg BORING and mandatory for all girls)

I brought in marbles and mumbly peg. I got in trouble for having a knife in school. It is a strange game.

I miss tether ball.

Mostly we ran around like...screaming little kids. :) Tag kept us entertained for years. Boys chase girls. Girls chase boys. Cooties. Learning to do a complete flip over the fence and keep running.

I played the boy games with the boys until it was socially forbidden. *sigh*

My niece and nephew don't even have gym class. WTF. Of course kids get hurt on the playground. Skinned knees, broken bones and sticks in the eyes are every kid's right! And the red Iodine!

I cracked a very impressive goose-egg on my head while coming down off the the ladder rungs. *clang* You suspected as much.
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