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Holiday question 13

Party game!

What is your favorite party game?

I feel I should explain because who has time to click? My friend will be entertaining TEENS at her holiday party so she picked this game & that was the first I'd heard of it. Obviously you can adjust the difficulty.

Preparing to play you need:
A bunch of small gifts
A fresh roll of clingy plastic wrap
A pair of dice

Before your guests arrive
The first gift you wrap should be the biggest prize. Begin wrapping the first gift with plastic wrap until you cant tell what it is in there.

When you are ready add the next prize to the ball & wrap that in. Repeat until all prizes are hidden inside the now HUGE ball of plastic wrap.

Get your first player sitting. At the count of GO first player starts unwrapping the ball while 2nd player starts rolling 2 dice. As soon as player 2 rolls a pair player 1 must STOP unrolling the ball. (Judges, get in there!).

Player 1 keeps all prizes they managed to free from the ball.
Player 1 passes the ball to player 2.
Player 2 passes the dice to player 3.
Etc etc.

To vary difficulty:
Use one continuous piece of wrap. (Little hands might need this help.)
Use the kind of wrap that sticks to itself.
Use colored plastic wrap to help hide prizes.
Pack glitter in there!
Stick the wrap down with glue.
Tape the prize to the wrap.
Grease the wrap with...well, people ARE wearing fancy clothes so how angry do you want them?
Use only one prize! You meanie
Use 1 dice and roll even numbers

etc etc

Get creative!
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