alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

Am reading recipe for Glazed Orange Cardamom Cake.

Lots o nommy sounding stuff on that site even if it is leaning towards /healthy/ *gasp*

I'm wearing my cardamom perfume. Omg so cosy & NOM! Lurv it! Cinnabon perfume is for closer to the holidays, imho.

I've a hundred projects that I'll never get to. Le sigh. At least I have a priority and deadline for the ornaments.

Question: my friend wants to introduce her daughter to Doctor Who, Doc #4. What episodes would you suggest? Pyramids of Mars is my personal favorite. Maybe the first Leela one? Maybe when Romana changes? Sontarans?


Music: Martha High, "Little Taste of Soul". (Very 50s-60)
Mumford& Sons, "guiding light"
Joe Walsh, "All night long". (Look up yo self)
Ella Mae morse, "House of blue light" (swingy)
Tags: #4, links, lyrics, tv

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