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Btw, our government's official report on climate change came out on Black Friday. Not that they would ever attempt to bury the lead...right?
It is officially scary as heck.

This is from The Atlantic-

The BBC-

Vermin News -

Etc etc etc...

In other it is vietnamese pork roll that has food poison. Is this 4 different toxic foods in one week? WTH people!?!?!

Onto hitler babyhands... When I read that his popularity number is X%, i just hadnt realized that the number is the /average/ of boatload of Yay! and boatload of Boo! I mean...

60%? No, it is 93% of Dems and 91% of blacks against him while 78% of Republicans and 50% of white men for him. Those are huge numbers! This is not the usual "well, middling kinda" averages we've been used to.
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