alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

My neighbor has not learned /her/ lesson and has returned all her solar lanterns (and pumpkins for that matter) to the staircase where they hover over my car.
They are the metal lanterns this time as the glass one smashed when it bounced off my car and shattered underneath my car where I then drove over all the glass not knowing it was there. I had to be the one to clean up the glass after I returned home that night.
I confiscated the surviving glass lantern.

Is it kosher for me to confiscate the remaining crap...err solar lanterns?

I know, I know. I'd be a thief and she did spend money on them. Of course she also broke everything while coming home drunk so you'd /think/...


What's wrong with using Words, you ask? Talking? Explaining? Coming to an agreement of mutual satisfaction and respect?
It's awfully close to confrontation, which I //really// try to avoid. That's what.
Still...that's more of an excuse.

I mean, I suppose I could suggest hanging them (securely!) along the railing instead of having them just sitting on the stairs where they will get shoveled onto my car...

I dont know. Thoughts?

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