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Golf and God and Time Square

movie: Meatballs
tv show: F Troop, remember F Troop?

Question: If you could write one message on the crawler in Time Square, NYC - What would you write? What is your message to the world? (Try to keep in under 90 characters.)

So, I'm at work today and I'm joking around with a couple of the players about golf. I try to tell them the joke (I'll shorten here) [This golfer tees off and his shot goes right into the water...a fish eats the eagle grabs the fish...eagle nest...lightning...etc etc...wind blows the ball gently into the hole. The other golfer says, "Jesus, Are we going to play golf or are you going to goof around all day?!" ...See, the first golfer was Jesus. Oh nevermind.]
ANYWAY, my point is that after I got to the "Jesus! are you going to..." line, I look over at this old guy also at the table and he is giving me The Glare. Which I suppose was related to my taking the ol Lord's name in vain thing. Which got me thinking - Who the hell OWNS God? Why does this old guy get to be so damn sure that taking the Lord's name in vain is wrong? That is not my belief. I don't follow that. Who really gets to dictate?
So when I go off on the separation of Church and State or the whole bible thumping thing that some Christians indulge in - this is the kind of thing I'm talking about. Who OWNS God?

You know, when people put up that cute flown-into-a-tree witch thing on Halloween - Why don't I get to yell that this is being hideously EVIL against pagans? No one is demanding this death to pagan thing be removed. Maybe pagans have a sense of humor. I think the flat witch is kinda funny. Don't look at me.

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