alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

Family schmamily

This week's call with Mother had her relaying //repeatedly// (and with relish) that the rest of the family do not want ME going overboard with the gifts because it makes them feel bad.
Now normal years I get people multiple -little- gifts; books from the used bookstore, paperwhites to plant, mini flashlights, etc. Maybe a shirt for the boys but never more than say $20 a person at the very most. I'm a good shopper. And all they've ever done is complain that i'm spending "too much of (my) money!" when they all spend more than that on gifts for me! They've /always/ treated me like the baby who must still be looked after. "Save your money!" Like I'm the poor relation! No, I have never made as much as them but I'm NOT POOR. I dont have the bills they do. I see them once a year. Once. One present time per year. I'm freaking middle aged! STOP TREATING ME LIKE THE CHILD. They' e even trained my niece and nephew to do this to me.
"Save your money."
F em all.

Why am I spending any time with these people anyway?
Paper snowflakes. There, that f-ing CHEAP enough so Mother can WIN at presents this year?


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