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So...yes, a Bit of anxiety these past two weeks. Ahem.

Driving to work I pass this one home who has been proudly exhibiting a giant (orange hitler name) sign for two years. Well, I noticed they switched it out for a RedSoxs sign. I burst out laughing! Laughing which turned into sobs. It hit me like that.

This werkend mine brother responded to my "what's up?" Text with...
"Something ate my cat. Litera!ly."
I expressed shock & sympathy. To which he then added the news that his college roommate who i also used to hang out with, HE died. Like WTF??
(I mistyped WTG and reflect that it might be more appro.)
No details yet. Service this weekend.
I cant really process this right now. I'm having stress. Back of the line, reflection!

Edit: i mentioned the food poisoning at the end of Oct, right? Then the rest of it and the inspection, etc. Yes, stress. Everything aches.

Weather- we're below freezing at night. Leaves have bern down except the brown oaks and the rare select maples that just havent gotten the message. Yet.

In other news, I just do not get armistice day. We dont celebrate VE day?

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