alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

Happy Halloween

You ghosts and ghouls!

I be Sick sick sick. Still.
Someone asked if I have Flu & I had to think - fever, chills, upset stomach but no congestion? Prob not but maybe the flu shot warded it off? Eh. Doesnt matter.

Except that i could give it to others!
*evil cackle*


Ok, halloween.
Two hunters out in the woods. One clutches his chest in pain and falls down, not moving. Other hunter frantically calls 911
(You've heard this)
"Help! Help! I think my friend just had a heart attack! He's dead! Oh he's dead!"
The emergency operator takes control of the situation, "Sir, calm down. First, check and make sure he's dead."
"Ok, now what?"

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