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Before I was so rudely interrupted by a lack of time I was about to share about the portraits I saw hanging on the wall at the local thrift shop. There were 3 very large black and white photograph images set in heavy black frames. From the style and clothing prob Victorian age. All of them women.
Thing is, the images looked old and faded and authentic and...wrong.
Each woman was sitting still, not smiling but her features were just...wrong. Far too pale. Some facial details were clear and others were not there at all or not quite where you expect. A little off. Dark circles that were too dark. Something unnatural. Just...
Like one of those trick art images you see around Halloween where from an angle the people suddenly turn into skeletons? Only they didnt go that far and these were real images and it was the /impression/ that shifted.
I was tempted to buy the lot of them and give them to some haunted house attraction...
But if I would have had to have stored them in my house until I found someplace to take them. And I do NOT want them in my house! I've seen how those movies end!

Still, I wish I'd taken pictures wuth my phone. You really need to see them.

I'm a little sad whenever I see things that were once cherished family objects sitting alone in a thrift shop. It's just sad. I hope the family kept /something/.

Addition: my brief research on creepy old portraits, which BTW is an interesting Halloween-scary activity, has told me that these were "crayon portraits" where a photo was blown up to fireplace artwork size. This degraded the details and someone would artistically come in with a 'crayon' and add back in the shading and such. If the crayon part rubbed off over the years that might explain why the women are ashen of face etc.
Maybe they were ill.
Maybe they are CREEPY and I'm not getting involved!

In other related news, my uncle visited. I didnt really get to ask him any family history. My family just doesnt /do/ that.

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