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So. New Doctor Who. Thumbs up? Down? Middling? Undecided?
Game questions answers
Unexplainable - really hard to explain
Inexplicable - there's just no explaination

"The reasons for a politician voting are unexplainable. The reasons for anyone voting to put them in office are inexplicable."

Whatsoever is at the end of a statement. Ne?

Oh go google. You dont need me


Other game. A friend was playing a word game on her tablet. Inside a circle at the bottom of the screen are a small number of letters. On the top of the screen was a crossword puzzle grid. To play you touch letters in the circle to make words. Correct words are filled into the spaces in the puzzle. You still get points for creating words that are not in the puzzle.
Anagrams plus crossword.
Yes, I now have the game. It is obnoxiously addictive. Yer warned!
I must say that the words are pretty common and yet I'm finding that I get stumped because in my mind I am pronouncing letters one way and in the target word they are pronounced another and my brain cant make the leap. And I still have no idea what "geem" means...

Happy Columbus Day. Or native american day.

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