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K, still ranting. You may skip.

You know why we didnt report these things? Because we were KIDS. Do boys go to the cops when they get shoved into a locker or are given swirlys? NO. Are these things criminal assault? YES. If someone tried to do those things to you at work today would you call the cops? YES.
But not in high school.
Because it doesnt matter if you report. Things get worse if you report. No snitching. No tattle tales. Do not get adults involved! That is school. That is how school works from first grade onward.

It is worse for women. Girls. Reputations matter. Slander isnt a laughing matter when you're a teen. (Well, it should be because that is one way to shrug it off.) But there's nothing quite like being assaulted AND laughed at after.
And having the adults tell you it is no big deal. You're exagerating! You're misunderstanding the situation. Well, just avoid him from now on. You shouldnt have put yourself in that situation. Ask yourself what you did to cause this?

Are we going to say child abuse also didnt happen? I mean...fer REAL folks?
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