alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

I havent gone to ren fair and it is making me twitchy.

The trees are still 90% green but i noticed today that the quality of light has changed. Or maybe it is what it is striking. The green has turned muddy. Darker and less vibrant, if that makes sense? The sunlight, i think, is more amber.
I dunno.

I do not like most "pumpkin" food items come to find. It isnt much of a flavor. Apple cider, on the other hand! Nom!
Someone shared homemade zuccini bread & Nom!
I do not know what to do with my basil. Or the lavender.

The hurricane flooding continues. Much good thoughts to those effected. -.- Go Cajun Navy and stay safe!

Some unfortunate soul was killed by a shark attack yesterday. And fools were out surfing in the exact same place today in the same conditions.
A commedian suggested as a society we just take down all the signs (like electricity can kill, trains can kill, etc) and just let nature take its course cuz we haz WAY too many stupid. Heh!

And just a passing thought - my nails look awesome in this pretty pale pink by Essie polish. *flutter*

MEN, by the time I skinny down enough for you to find me attractive - /I/ will find me attractive and then who needs you? :p

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