alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

I need good news.
The "cajun navy" is on the job! All volunteers traveling across the country with their boats and rescue experience to help out when and where they can. They rescued 150 last night.|69

I know I certainly am fed up with idiots who believe they are stronger than Mother Nature. That they are immune to death. Stick it out! And then reality hits. I mean, IDIOTS. But the world has idiots.

What I need to remember is that there are also POOR people. People who can not afford a hotel room or a car or extra supplies or plywood or anything. They are stuck.
I worry about poor people who say they are worried they wont be able to get /back/ in time to be at their min wage job when it reopens. Paycheck to paycheck is a crappy stressful dangerous life.

See? I need good news.

Or silly news! Purrmaids! Purrmaids? Half mermaid, half cat. It's a thing.
I would suppose the creatures would be doomed the first time they caught their own tail...

Mermicorns. Also a thing. Isnt that a capricorn? Someone in my friend feed brought these up. Other suggestions - raccoonicorns. Balloonicorns. Tunacorns (boy band)....

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