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Primary Election

I didn't get a lot done today.
Called my mother.
Reserved a rental car for the weekend.
Got dressed up Spiff with the skirt and the bling and cast my votes. Yes, I dress up to perform my sacred democratic duty. For what it's worth. Last thing on my mind before I left my house was that if good people are dying only because their country told them to - then that democracy had better know what the hell it is doing. I still had no idea who I was going to vote for when I entered the booth. This has been THE most stressful voting process for me yet. Can we not do this again, Ta?

I was going to reward myself with a glazed donut but Dunkin was out of them. Can you imagine?? It's okay. I got 4 glazed munkins. Not nearly as tasty and rewardy as I had hoped. :/

Then I did laundry and some grocery shopping. Mostly for cat food. Ungrateful wretches that they are. The $46 flea drops are not doing a damn thing so I'm doing flea control the old fashioned way. Bought a $3 flea comb. Wish it worked on me.

What a very boring day! Here, go play on someone else's blog for awhile.

Oh yeah! For the record, I feel pretty good today. Not bounding with energy, but pretty good. At least a 6. Despite the tone of this post. :)
I is a voter! Phear me!

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