alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

The Beatles

I bought Abbey Road. I could have bought the #1 hits collection, but I didnt recognize some of the song titles on Abbey Road and "Huh?" decided it.
This was before the car kareoke, btw. I watched a couple minutes here & there of that and 1) paul has a much thicker accent than I recall 2) it all seemed too fannish to interest me.
Anyway, turns out I do know most of the songs. But there are a few I dont. Weird. I mean, i've /probably/ heard them before but not often enough to get them recorded into my brain.
Maxwell's Silver Hammer is still my macbre fav. I am disappointed to wiki that the song recording was such a grind that THIS really spelled the end of the group. Paul just wouldnt quit tinkering and no one else liked it even a little but Paul was the final say which pissed the others off.
Now they do have a point BUT...
1) guys, frankly this whole thing wasnt your best work.
2) i will offend people here but I'll stack MSH against "i've got my mind set on you" any day of the week. "This song is just 6 words long" will remain better known and celebrated.
I watched enough of the Car thing to hear "your songs are always optomistic" and I like to agree. I'll take stupid love songs and upbeat, thank you.
Which is not to say that Wings wasnt a disaster. But there were a few glimmers. And like Hall & OTs say, "They called our music dumb but hey, people listened so i guess we'll keep playing dumb to sold out arenas. Unlike some."

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