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Links and hooks

The Fringe festival is over for this year but the best jokes live on!

I may try the Open University (uk) online course of Chinese. First level. See how it goes. Their free.
Ever taken an online course?

My neighborvis watching cricket cuz India vs England. I tried to read the write-up of Saturday. Wicked googlie! I make no sense of any of the entire page! LOL

Back to costumes. Know any shapely legged ladies who could wear Elf Tights or skeleton xray legs, etc

Why is it that ideas pop into my head when I am least likely to be able to do anything about it? At work I have maaaaybe 4 seconds to grab a pen, jot a few letters down and get back to doing my job. Which often later leaves me staring at something I /thought/ would be obvious enough to jog my memory. Let's face it, my brain doesnt like jogging any more than the rest of me! It often also looks like a "are you human?" squiggle.
I was staring at a rectangle I drew with a long line out one side. ...Hammer?
Maxwell's Silver Hammer! Ha! Got it! I wanted to look up the lyrics. What the heck is pataphysical? Hm...

Oh a cute cartoon of the song!
And the Mona Lisa Twins did a good cover. I kinda like their sound. Here's Waiting For The Waiter
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