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Costumes and notions

Too early? YES. But the stores will run out if you wait like a normal person

I am again promoting the Pyramid Collection for their lovely clothing/costumes.
Do you need a shoulder cape with bats printed on it? You tell me.,4866
Do you need a red velvet dress? YES, you sex bomb. Or something flowery?,4623
Do you need a steampunk boots? Yes! Maybe.
Silver kitty jewelry?

It is a fun browse. I mention it now because it can take a month to get a free catalog sent to you by snailmail.

WARNING: there are items on the site that are NotSafeForWork. Lotions and things that go buzz in the night. There is a chance one of them might appear in the "you may also like" line at the bottom of the page. You have been WARNED and your coworkers are on their own.
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