alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

My appeal of my short term disability claim was denied. Or re-denied? Yay. I'm out 4 months of paycheck and the medical expenses.
I do not understand.

I got up early today to drive to my first Doctor's office. I have been trying to get in touch for 6 months or so and the only contact I get from him are bills. Never returns my calls. His office is only open 2 days a month and it still seems to be closed when I stop by. Lunch?
I carefully planned out everything today, got there well before lunch on the second Wednesday of the month and...
It's not simply closed. No, someone has scraped the name off the glass in the windows. It is closed, locked, lights off and stripped of furniture. Bare rooms. Vacated. With my medical records.
Funny, huh?

In other news the game today is Spot The Denial:

Don Jr* and* many* high ranking* officials* had a meeting* in the tower* with agents* of a hostile* foreign government* to cmonspire** but his dad* did not** know anything** about it before***, during***, or since***. This is kinda treason* crime**, yep***.

*story changed
**story is changing

It just amused me trying to see how long a sentence could be made of this mess. You try now!

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