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Ugh. Hitler speaks. Oh, sorry! Lies. Surprise!’s-numbers-on-‘amazing’-economy-sometimes-don’t-add-up/ar-BBL9I9g?ocid=AMZN

And on the internet "you in danger, girl!" from political misinformation
Aka fakee newz

Makers Fair! Arts, crafts, science!

Mutant Hunt. A workman was setting something up at work. Ignoring me & my friendly waving completely, btw. He asked, or demanded, the remote control for the tvs closest to his display and changed all the channels. Thing is one of those tvs was facing me and instead of the product placement channel I was expecting, it was a movie. Which is utterly utterly weird. And before anyone suggests this was for me - it was not. The movie was...surprising? Like there was a guy in a small bedroom wearing only tighty whiteys fighting off a bunch of other guys who were wearing big shoulder pads and shooting lasers. I give respect to any actor jumping around on film in tighty whiteys, btw. At the end of the fight the only 3 left standing in the room were himself, a sheet covered blond bimbo in the bed and a stern looking brunettebimbo wearing not much black spandex. The 3 appeaed to have a th oughtful discussion about where their relationships were going (seriously!) while he put on pants and blondie magiced herself into a blue teddy. Just in time for th lead cyborg to throw blindie off the balcony. The guy & the brunette run to the railing and pee r down at blondie sprawled on the sidewalk one floor below. One floor. He seems to say, "yeah, but she's going to at least have a headache for awhile and i've a!ready slept with her anyway so... " They leave. Which reminded me of Lord of the Rings , " yeah, i'm alive! All that talk of brotherhood and you guys leave me? You dont even check? My horse found me!" But i digress. This movie was all decorative zippers, shiny leather, giant shoulder pads and even bigger teased out hair. With cyborgs. Aka 80's b movie! Mutant Hunt, 1987.
Found it!
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