alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

F U 2 coworkets

Ok so telling you the words "turn it down a little" "it is too loud", holding my hands over my ears, telling you "it hurts my ears", stuffing kleenex in my ears, answering you with, "I can't hear you!" - none of that clues you in that I would appreciate it if YOU turned the music down "a little"?
For 7 hours you dont get that message?
For 7 hours you wonder why I'm in z pissy mood?
For 7 hours you keep the music at MAX and you dont connect the dots?
FOR 7 HOURS you are basically screaming F*CK YOU at me?

You wonder. You wonder why I'm upset.

Really? REALLY?

You didnt hear me say it? Maybe because.. MUSIC TOO Fing LOUD?!?

Goddess me hates them
Tags: work whines

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