alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

Just things
Watch cats. Fight cancer. Yes, punctuation matters.

[Edit: i dunno. The site is kind of a mess and the vids i couldnt rewind or pause. Ymmv.]

Wine in a can. Would you? Would you care one way another? Saves on transport costs and waste and corks n such. Amber roose

My new cocktail recipe is rum and coke. The rum is only for flavor, you understand. If you can still taste soda then keep adding rum!

(I cant judge how funny that is because I dont drink! Add ice :p)

Stay cool, cats!

  • Tuesday

    Ever notice Tuesday is actually Threesday? What? You want wit on a Tuesday?

  • The creeping feeling

    Is it.... Monday???

  • (no subject)

    Hrmmm. But do I really need a... YAAAAAAAAAAAAZ!!! DRESS LIGHTZ UP? NO ASK! GIVE! GIVE!! CHANGEZ! COLOURZ!! *inner toddler brain splode*

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