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ALERT! Hate Crime?

Okay, I need LEGAL help with this one. At the end of my block someone has spray painted in the road
(Now, aside from the comic reaction of "then don't sleep with them"...I'm serious here.)

This is a hate crime. Okay, not an assault, but nothing to be tolerated. There are KIDS who live in the area. I do not want to live any place where children are exposed to such crrrrrrrrrrap. I don't want to be exposed to this CRAP. I mean, let this go and an assault is next. Hell with that! Stop it NOW.

I want to go to the cops and have /them/ remove this. Because Lord knows if I go spray paint over these messages someone is just going to tag the street again. So I need to know just what this IS so I can put some pressure on the cops if they are the least bit reluctant and try to tell me that "the city has to take care of that". No. You enforce the law. Get to it. If it said "I hate (racial slur)" then they'd damn well do something. Know what I mean?

So break out the books. Sure, it is graffiti. Sure, it is a hate crime. But what IS it? What are the statutes about this? Laws? Regulations? What am I looking for? How many ways to Sunday can this be against the law? I want them all! I want this person to KNOW this is NOT okay.

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