alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

Sleep depreeeeved

Why? Why is my life such a saga? Everything in it is a saga. No one wants to hear a saga.
Le sigh.

In other news, new male coworker has lonnnnng strawberry blond hair and beard. I said "I like your hair!" and he said, "I wish more people did. I was horribly bullied all through school for being different."
:( Poor gingers. I have never understood the bias. Red is beautiful. All shades.
But he is much younger and I cant make a fuss over his hair. Creepy ol lady.

Thoughts bouncing around in my head this morning-
1.I like hero men who need rescue from time to time.
2.I have been informed that my ideas on romance and dating are way more Male then Female.
3.Maybe my Male leanings mean I am looking to rescue a 'damsel in distress' too.

Which I'd have a better shot at if I wasnt always mired in my own saga...

I think I blew out my tires racing into work this morning. And I was still late. No, seriously, they were smoking when I parked.

Saga saga saga

But when my manager started to give me a hard time about it I snapped his head off with, "Oh, I'm hot, sweaty, frustrated and pissed off! You really want to put your toe on that line?! Cuz it is ON."
No, I did not. I am still employed. :p

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