alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

Moment of Zen

Driving in to work this morning, running late as always, I noticed something in the middle of the road. Bird just sitting on the blacktop. o.O
I stopped next to it, put on my flashers and hopped out. Bird didnt run away. o.O
Little sparrow didnt make a peep as I put my fingers, quickly but gently under it, scooped it up and ran it over to the raised yard on the side.
I figure it was a fledgling that didnt -quite- fledge properly. The birds in the trees around were going crazy. I briefly wondered if i should have put it further from the road and closer to a tree. BUT.
Neighbor said he'd keep a eye on it. Traffic in both directions VERY NICELY waited for me to finish.

So. I have some vaguely nice people around. And after being down on myself for not rescuing anything this spring... I rescued a bird. Now if it only LIVES after this. Unlike the beaver.

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