alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

I didnt have the batteries left to mention this yesterday but pete Fonda's tweet was beyond the pale and I know he was angry but SHAME. He took it down, he apologized and he damn well should have. SHAME.

In other news, um... No, you cant walk around in a jacket with a negative message in giant writing and then claim people who read it are critizising your /fashion/. No. No one stuck "kick me" on your back. You knew what it saud when you put it on. Or, and I hate to say this, did you think the people you were visiting couldnt read?
Now maybe the two stories are related and the jacket is a response to the tweet? (She said generously?)

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    Saturday coffee feels way more friendly! Well, except I'm still at work.

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    Happy Birthday Sparky of Joy!

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