alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

WC. still going!

You know how i said i do not understand men's obsession with sports? I still dont get it. I like the WC. I cheer. And if it came around more often I might even buy a jersey. BUT.
And I like the WC because I /played/ soccer. Me. Which is something you might think sport leagues would take into consideration when thinking about money from fans.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, it is HAWT. Humid. Icky. June is not supposed to swelter. Thats why I live North. :/

In other news, roseate spoonbill. Bird. It is pink! Prettier than a flamingo.

Edit: WC ads! McD is trying to make not knowing soccer cool. Geico slide is cute. Pepsi is playing paintball? Adias is...i dunno. Nike neither.
But VW is...telling us to support belgium or iceland or germany. I am uncomfortable with that limited selection. Are those the only places tge cars are made or what? It is white? Am I overthinking? I do like 'support iceland because we dont have enough people to do a wave!'. Heh

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