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Gas Prices

Are up. AGAIN. Why? Because the gas companies say so. That's the only reason. Period.

I watched the news today on several channels and the "experts" all repeated the same song. "Gasoline prices are up because consumption has not gone down." WTF? A hearty F*CK YOU to the gas companies /and/ the Media. Blaming the consumer for high prices? I mean...Seriously!

Heard today:
China is consuming more oil
The US consumption has held fairly steady
profits on sale of gasoline internationally = 10%
profits on sale of gasoline in the US = 66%
gas companies continue to rake in record profits. "But it is only pennies on the dollar! We get maybe 10 cents! That's less than shampoo companies make on their products. It's not OUR FAULT that you buy so much and make us so much money!"
They aren't even making excuses any more. Have you noticed? I haven't heard one "there's unrest in (fill in country name here)!" or "Horrible storm in (fill in region here)" or "so-n-so raised THEIR price. What could we do??"

I have not purchased ANY gasoline from Exxon/Mobile since that announcement after hurricane Katrina that they had made record profits. We are, today, at YET ANOTHER RECORD HIGH PRICE for gasoline at the pump. The last one was last week. Have you noticed?

Do not buy from Exxon/Mobile. At all. Ever. That's all we're asking. Boycott them. Focus on them. We've picked one company and we are going to yell how mad we are at them. Do not buy from them until their price is at least a nickle less than everyone else.

All the gas stations have the same price for their gasoline. Have you noticed? This is capitalism?

Is congress going to do anything? Hell no. We don't pay them enough.

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