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What are your Passions?

I'm curious. What are you passionate about? What gets your fire started? What drives you? What is it that makes your heart sing that one loud clear note? What is your Passion?

I love theater. In ways I can not explain.
I love movies.
I love actors. Specifically I love those few rare and precious moments when they are completely on their game and there's that electricity. That connection. That surprising something that is Perfection of communication. It speaks to my soul. Ooooh love it. :)

Like...watching Philip Quast adjust his microphone during the Les Mis 10th anniversary concert. OMG.
Like...the scene in Mask of Zorro where Anthony Hopkins and Zeta-Jones are in the barn and she talks about her mother's death and how her father doesn't like to talk about it. And here he is, her real father, knowing that the man she is talking about murdered her mother. And the way Anthony just breaths out this soft, "Yes" is OMGSQUEEE!
Like...The first sight of Geoffrey Rush in Elizabeth. Just the SIGHT of him made me SQUEE and at the time I had no idea who he was as an actor. That's presence.

I guess I love music too. The way Ozzy can do that scream of primal soul agony - OMG. I love costumes. Photography. The way the woods smell just after a rain. But these are not /passions/. I'd far rather be backstage in a theater.

There is a secret...

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