alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

Lousy day

Arrived to work at 7:50am. Because I had stuff I /needed/ to do today. Not next week - today. So I was waiting to sign the list to possibly get out early if they dont need everyone. You are allowed to sign starting at 9am. Waited. Signed. Second name on list. No problem!
Wrong. They decided not to even TRY to send anyone home until 6pm. At least in my section. Cuz here's the kicker - the person who signed /after/ me? The one who goes home early EVERY DAY? She got to go home early because her section allows her to. Because she throws complete screaming hissyfits if she isnt allowed to go home early. She manipulates all around to spend her week working in that section whi...
You know, no one cares.

Short is that it is that I had a 12 hr day and got paid for 8. Screw them. And they did it on purpose.

In related news, k like a month ago? More? I screwed something up. Coworker asked why something wasnt done.
I looked for the responcible person's name on a list, didnt see it /by mistake/ and that first coworker did the job because it was 2 hrs overdue and if it wasnt done in the next 30 minutes it wouldnt get done. The person whose name I missed was upset when they came by to do the job later and found it was done. I apologized as soon as I realized there was an error. I didnt see they had signed in because their name was at the top of the sheet & the sheet was crammed up so their name was under the clip. They were mad at me.
Month ago.
Today I happened to see them and since they've been given me cold shoulder ever since I went over to apologize AGAIN and explain.
Him, "No, you know what? Just get away from me!"


Okay. You are THAT pissed off at me? After a month? For ONE turn at this job? For the $15 pay? That by the way /I/ didnt get? It is not in my pocket. And the coworker who did do the job refused to take the money because this whole thing was an error? A job you were 2.5 hrs LATE to even start? That YOU would have been punished if it wasnt done so we were trying to cover FOR you?
You're pissed at ME? STILL? ME? Not me and the guy who did the job? Just me? You think I did this error to you on PURPOSE?

That was twice I apologized. Twice I explained. Twice I admitted to an error. All the rest of this CRAZY is now on you. B*tch.
You think I did it on purpose? WTF. You have NEVER been that much on my radar that I would even bother.
Never gonna be either.

Seriously. WTF

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