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i wonder what the King is doing tonight? What merriment is the King pursuing tonight?
Or rather the Prince

Grumble! The stupid pre-wedding coverage has been broadcast all week in place of my Bbc Mysteries! Hrumph! And it isnt as if the mysteries will be rebroadcast. No. Hrumph. Stupid wedding.
And the programs on the wedding have been hosted by Merideth MsBoringFakeistan so Booooo.

In other news, i hate the news. Let's move on.

Music : "familiar"

Once Upon A Time tv show is wrapping up. I'm a little sad because I'll miss my favorite character. On the other hand the writing has been sub par.

>.> <.<
When I am truly BORED at work I tell myself stories. Fables, tall tales, grimms, etc. I retell stories in my head as if I were telling them to an audience. It causes me to examine the details that normally float past. To consider what details need polishing up and which to change in order to tell the tale /I/ want to tell.
Was hippo's downfall brought on by vanity or snobbery or was monkey just being mean?
Was the evil witch the step-mother or the actual mother?
It helps with the boredom!
Tags: lyrics, tv

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