alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

Saturday diy

So I've spent much time of late looking at the "life hacks". Things we used to call "the easy way", "tricks" or "secret". They are usually genius. My fav site atm is called 5 Minutee Crafts, which they also feature.
I've learned the trick how to tie a tie in 5 seconds (so cool), how to thread a needle without looking. Gardening, cleaning, clothing, recycling, etc.
I'm dubious of some and willing to try others. The 5 second tie trick? Works!

I also want to paint Eye of Sauron cabochon from a tutorial. So damn cooool! Yvonne Williams

Scones. I figured out I am a cream then jelly type. Because of the pots. A little cream is fine in the jelly but jelly left in the cream spoils it all. Imho

BBC. I caught an episode of "And Then There Were None", a tv mini-series from a couple years ago based on the mystery book. Well. That was dark. That was certainly the darkest version of Agatha Cristie I've seen so far. The characters are disturbed and you really dont have anyone to root for so that's interesting in a who-done-it. I want to see it from the beginning before deciding if I like it or not.

Music. AJR, "Sober Up". My current jam no cream.
Tags: links, lyrics, tv

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