alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

LINKS a paluza!!

Since I can not delete this entry I shall embellish it!! Been saving up.

Bohemian rapsody as the Muppets can... It is.

COCKNEY Star Trek! I've no idea what they're saying.a

Sesame Street. "What's the name of that song?" Sweet.

FUNNY about old age, at Care Giver of year awards.

Spike Milligan version of Pakistan Daleks, At home

Barbershop trio, Lunch Break, doing Old MacDonald's deformed farm. LOL. Wait for it.

The Lymric Song. AbsoLUTEly not safe for work! Or children. Or most people. Yer warned!

Christopher Walken can dance, in many movies

BTW, 'Gandy Dancers' was the term for workers laying railroad track. Huh. Learned sumptin.

Roger Moore on the Muppet Show, closing number. Gosh he young

Puzzle Boxes are puzzling, devious and..get an axe.
Tags: links, lyrics

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